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Since that first day in 1986, Aurora has grown from a single organization with two employees into a diverse family of companies with a thousand employees and 100 management staff. Despite this growth, Aurora remains committed to building programs around people regardless of what service or resource is being provided.

About Us

Aurora Community Services - Residential Alternatives - Community Counseling - Community Health - Vocational Services

Our Family of Companies

Aurora Community Services (ACS) 
ACS is the Aurora umbrella company under which the other companies reside. The Aurora Community Services headquarters building is in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Aurora Residential Alternatives (ARA) 
ARA was founded in 1986 and has over 30 years of experience in providing compassionate and professional residential alternatives for individuals with developmental disabilities, chronic mental illness, and traumatic brain injuries. ARA provides homes for more than 350 individuals through 90 residential homes statewide and emphasizes that programs should serve people and be customized for each individual.

Aurora Community Health (ACH) 
ACH is a state-licensed, Medicaid/Medicare-certified Home Health Agency that began services in 1996. Our registered nurses have a combination of 25 years of nursing experience with varied populations, including developmental disabilities, chronic mental illness, traumatic brain injury, as well as the frail elderly. ACH's community-based (versus hospital-based) work history has made each nurse a strong advocate for individuals living in the community.

Aurora Community Counseling (ACC) 
ACC was established in 1996. ACC currently operates state-licensed outpatient mental health clinics in the following communities: Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, Menomonie, Medford, New Richmond, Ladysmith, Siren, Plover, and Spooner. ACC therapists work with individuals, couples, families, groups, and employees. Therapist specialties include AODA, brain injuries, and military issues.

Aurora Vocational Services (AVS) 
Aurora has provided vocational services since 1998 and, due to unprecedented growth, AVS was organized as a separate company in 2009. AVS provides individualized vocational services to assist individuals in obtaining employment that matches their skill levels. AVS contracts with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and several county agencies to provide employment assessments, job placement, and vocational coaching. ARA also operates six Day Service Centers throughout the state where consumers learn life skills like meal preparation and vocational skills that can be used in the workplace.

Aurora Integrated Management (AIM) 
AIM Wisconsin originated in 2009 and consists of the management group for Aurora Community Services. Aurora’s management is a diverse and experienced group of professionals with backgrounds in medical, mental health, and business fields.


When you are a person who strives to be your BEST, in every part of your life, where do you draw your inspiration? When you are a business owner who wants the best for your business and your employees, where do you point people for resources? When you want to focus your energy directly at a spot that says EXCELLENCE, how do you find that spot?

REALiving, a sister company of Aurora Community Services, focuses on helping people to be their BEST. Our training products, inspirational/motivational speakers, executive/professional/life coaches, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), wellness packages, and publications, are all designed to help you, and your company, to be the very BEST you can be.

To find out more about REALiving, to go

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