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Q: Is working weekends a requirement?

A: Yes at most sites, we do have some positions such as ES1, SHC, and Day Centers where it is not a requirement. We also offer a variety of shift times, based on site schedule availability.


Q: How often will I be paid?

A: Bimonthly on the 15th and last day of the month unless payday falls on a weekend or federal holiday.


Q: What do I need to do before my onsite training?

A: Complete all assigned paperwork sent to you, attend the orientation class, provide approved identification for the I9, have an approved background check and approved TB test completed.


Q: What if I have a criminal record?

A: It depends on the nature of the conviction(s).  You need to be able to pass a caregivers background check. We do not discriminate; there are some charges that prohibits you from working in this field related to abuse, neglect and misappropriation of a child or vulnerable adult.


Q: What if I don’t have a driver’s license?

A: No DL is needed to work a NOC shift, depending on area and open shifts some accommodations can be made for no DL on other shifts.  


Q: Do I have to have care taking experience?

A: No, we hire the person and train the experience.


Q: Do I have to be a CNA?

A: No


Q: Will I be working alone?

A: Each site is different and will vary by shift assigned to. It is a possibility you will work alone at some time even at double staffed sites due to appointments and activities.


Q: Is there public transportation available to the work location?

A: Some sites are close to public transport.

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