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Call Center Services

The Aurora Call Center offers a variety of programs to assist individuals 24/7. Assistance is provided by telephone call, text message, email, webcam, or a combination of those options to meet your needs!

The Helpline Program is an innovative program designed to provide problem resolution coaching, medication and wellness reminders as well as 24/7 call center access. Excellent for individuals who may have mental concerns, lack of support, or just need someone to talk to whether struggling or not. 

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The Medication Program is designed to remind individuals as often as needed to take their medication. Forgetting to take prescribed medications can result in increased health concerns that may lead to hospitalization. This cost-effective program will help prevent emergency situations that could result from not taking medications as prescribed.

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The Wellness Program is designed to provide well-being check-in support to individuals. This is an excellent service for individuals who may require daily contact due to health concerns, aging, or lack of nearby support systems. 

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The Pendant Program offers 24/7 medical and emergency alert support for individuals seeking to maintain their independence. This program is designed for all individuals, no matter the severity or lack of health concerns. Client is able to wear the pendant on their wrist, on a lanyard similar to a long necklace, or the clip-on option.

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Aurora Integrated Management management is a diverse and experienced group of professionals with backgrounds in health, mental health, and business fields

Struggling to remember to take your medication?

Want additional support due to aging or health concerns?

Need assistance for an active individual who may have health, mental, or physical concerns? 

Searching for 24/7 support for yourself, family member, or friend?

These cost-effective programs will provide you, your family, and friends peace of mind.
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Please contact the Aurora Call Center for additional information at 855.838.7178 or fill out the contact form below.


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