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“I love this place. I have grown a lot...physically, emotionally and mentally. I can breathe. I feel safe here!! I am free!! I am loved!! I am happy in this home. This home lets me have independent choice. I am my own person. I matter here!! Life has been positive here. I LOVE being here.”

E.V., Supported Living Participant


“I have been specializing in traumatic brain injury since 1991 and have worked in a variety of specialized settings for TBI. The continuum of care is essential for the patient, and the transition into the community is essential for overall quality of life. Aurora Residential Alternatives is a state-of-the-art facility that gives our patients a home. Aurora provides trained staff that are caring, passionate, and flexible with goal planning and implementation, which is critical with the TBI population. It is my philosophy that functional cognitive therapy within the home setting is critical for positive outcomes with TBI, and the Aurora team is extremely effective in connecting the clinical goals within the home environment. The Aurora team works hard at integrating care and schedules staffing throughout each year. The staffings allow the patient to have a voice in their goal planning, and the teams to share ideas and progress. The patient feels empowered from the staffing because they are allowed to give input, and the staffings are instrumental on keeping everyone 'on the same page'. Thank you to the Aurora team for making my job easy!”

Susan G. A., M. S., CCC-SLP
Neurocognitive Therapist 
American Speech and Hearing Association 
Colorado Speech and Hearing Association 
Past Co-Chair of the Brain Injury Association


“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the exemplary care you have been providing my client. I realize how difficult she can be at times, and I appreciate the ongoing effort to meet her daily needs and ever-challenging behaviors. I appreciate the enormous effort that your team provides to follow up on goals set by the therapists involved with my client as well as their creativity to promote compliance. It is certainly evident in my client’s continued gains that she is in the best possible setting and that your staff is incredibly dedicated to providing a therapeutic environment while maintaining a warm, comfortable home.”

Robin D., MSN, CCM, CMC
Life Care Solutions, Inc. 


“Living at the Aurora facility is really nice, especially because of the staff. I always feel safe and confident with them. We laugh with each other and most of the time we joke around. I was asked once if I would go back to my former life and I said, ’If I could I would, but I’d rather stay in this one because I like my personality better.’ I think the staff had a lot to do with that. I remember saying, ‘It’s the best place I’ve ever lived.”

C.B., Supported Living Participant


“The staff are wonderful, caring, and professional. The consumers are quite pleased with all the services, and I would recommend Aurora to anyone who required the services.”



“I suffered a traumatic brain injury 9/6/06. I know that because that is a date that will forever be etched in my mind. I am writing this letter to say that the company with whom I stayed throughout part of my rehab and recovery, which was managed and run by Mandi Mouw, helped me in so many ways I can't even begin to list them all. Mostly, they helped me manage my 'anger issues.' When I got to the Springs, I was mad at the world for me being the way I was. I didn't necessarily show it, but I was. Mandi's staff helped me immensly. They showed me that it was possible to lead a regular life after a serious injury, like I was dealing with. During my time with them, my wife filed for divorce (adding insult to injury, so to speak), my boss when I got hurt made it official that I wasn't 'needed' anymore, the list goes on and on. Through all that, I knew that the staff and Mandi were there for me. There to whine to, lending their ears to all of my personal problems (which they didn't have to do). More than anything, I just want it to be known to the whole world that Mandi and her group of 'counselors' made all the difference to my recovery. Without them, it is hard telling where I would be today. Not as far along as I am, of that I am positive.”

J.O., past participant

Mike B., relative of participant

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