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Supported Living  Services

Each person has unique strengths, expectations, and needs. Our highly trained and qualified support staff are available 24 hours a day to assist with the completion of activities of daily living - such as household tasks, appointments, daily community involvement - and to support each person's individualized program plan. This support service model is available for 1 to 4 individuals within the front range area of Colorado. Homes are set up around the participant's needs and desires and in the best location for them.

Some examples of program components:

  • Fine and gross motor skill development 

  • Cognitive work, including memory skills training, speed, comprehension, etc. 

  • Household tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, etc. 

  • Exercise and strength-training programs

  • Medication management

  • Social skills development

  • Money and stress management 

  • Behavioral support programs 

  • Community integration

  • Activities of daily living training, such as hygiene, dressing, etc.

“I love this place. I have grown a lot...physically, emotionally and mentally. I can breathe. I feel safe here!! I am free!! I am loved!! I am happy in this home. This home lets me have independent choice. I am my own person. I matter here!! Life has been positive here. I LOVE being here.”

E.V., Supported Living Participant


“Living at the Aurora facility is really nice, especially because of the staff. I always feel safe and confident with them. We laugh with each other and most of the time we joke around. I was asked once if I would go back to my former life and I said, ’If I could I would, but I’d rather stay in this one because I like my personality better.’ I think the staff had a lot to do with that. I remember saying, ‘It’s the best place I’ve ever lived.”

C.B., Supported Living Participant

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