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Our Leadership

Mandria obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation with a Concentration in Counseling from the leading university in Vocational Rehab, UW-Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin. She also held a certification as a Brain Injury Specialist for several years. Mandria has 20+ years of experience and training on brain injury and mental health, and continues to expand on her knowledge while dedicating her life to helping others.

Mandria has worked in several different capacities with individuals with disabilities, including beginning as a personal caregiver or direct care professional, a recreational planner, a behavioral support planner, a vocational assistant, a job coach, life skills therapist, a house manager, program supervisor, etc. Mandria has written numerous behavioral support programs and individualized care plans for participants with brain injuries, and has successfully helped many individuals to attain their goals of independence, decrease severe behaviors, and have the ability to live with minimal or no assistance after completing a residential program.


Mandria's education in counseling and vocational rehabilitation, as well on-going experience with helping individuals to improve interpersonal relationships, is a major focus in our work.  Mandria and Courtney, along with our other staff, work one-on-one with our participants to help them to find solutions to their issues, as well as to build skills and improve in every area of their lives.  

Mandria is also a certified yoga and barre instructor, and group fitness trainer, which plays an important role in helping individuals to increase their physical strength and endurance as well as increasing their cognition through the important addition of exercise and health programs.

Mandria's interests include traveling, cooking, and various types of fitness activities, such as yoga, barre classes, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Mandria lives with her husband and two children in Castle Rock.  

Aurora Residential Alternatives has residential solutions for people with disabilities in Colorado
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