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ARA believes that individuals with brain injury support needs should still have the opportunity to live their lives as active and engaged members of their chosen
communities. A supportive and stimulating environment is offered in which residents are encouraged to fully immerse and involve themselves in the life of their community while pursuing goal-oriented skills which will further enhance their lives and increase their independence.

Our programs provide the safe, stimulating, and specialized home-like environment needed to address the complicated support needs of those with brain injuries and other mental health concerns.  

Aurora Residential Alternatives has residential solutions for people with disabilities in Colorado

Assisted Living Services

ARA at The Pinery

The Pinery is located close to the town's shops and restaurants, but has the feeling of a more secluded and serene rural area. There is wildlife, beautiful trees, and stunning views. We provide support and programming for up to 5 participants. The Pinery is staffed 24-hours per day.

Supported Living Services

An example of our Supported Living option is one of our homes in Colorado Springs that is shared by two people who have experienced brain injuries. This model enables flexibility within the living environment and the services provided. Each participant has their own apartment within the same home, enabling them to lead their own individual lives while utilizing the same support staff. 

Case Management Services

For more than 30 years, Aurora Residential Alternatives has developed services to create a more normalized environment and life for our participants. We work to utilize our resources and knowledge to create the best possible team of health practitioners and therapists to support each individual’s unique needs and path to recovery.

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