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Case Management  Services

As any person living in the community chooses their own team of therapists, doctors, etc., our participants have the same choices and can select their own health care team. We help our participants identify the most appropriate doctors and therapists that are best suited for each individual, recognizing that any one specific doctor or therapist may not necessarily be the most appropriate for every person.

Important to an individual's recovery after a brain injury is a transdisciplinary approach that may include the following therapies: 

  • Physical therapy 

  • Occupational therapy 

  • Speech therapy 

  • Art therapy 

  • Hippotherapy 

  • Music therapy 

  • Counseling and other health care professionals

A transdisciplinary team is one in which members come together from the beginning to jointly communicate, exchange ideas, and work together to identify solutions.

Our Case Management program provides services to our participants to ensure that all of their needs are addressed. Our staff, working closely with each participant and their entire team, coordinate a tailored service plan. They identify and connect with service providers and regularly review the support plan to ensure that each individual receives the highest level of customized service possible. Each person is unique; therefore, each plan of support is created to reflect their specific needs and desires.

Aurora Residential Alternatives has residential solutions for people with disabilities in Colorado
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