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We are a passionate and diverse human service agency committed to helping individuals live fuller, richer lives while helping businesses to thrive and flourish. Discover more about our creative and cutting-edge solutions for you, your family, or your organization.

It is our mission is to support people in creating their "New Beginning."

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About Us

Our History

Aurora Community Services was “born” on April 18, 1986, in Menomonie, Wisconsin. On this day, Dave Barnard and Jim Neuman - the two founders of Aurora Community Services - stood in the rain at an auction, waiting to bid on two beds for the new residential home they were opening in the community.

Dave and Jim stood in the rain because they were committed to a unique vision of serving people with disabilities. They believed that those with disabilities deserved to live in the communities of their choosing and that support programs should be built around them and support their individual needs. Not finding this type of support widely available, they left their jobs in a local health facility where they had worked together for years and launched Aurora Community Services.

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Aurora Community Services was "born" on April 18, 1986, in Menomo


Our Vision

The driving force behind Aurora Community Services and all that we do is our LIFE philosophy. LIFE stands for: 





Living the LIFE Philosophy means that we believe in providing services and products that support the real-life needs of the individuals and organizations being served. This means that our services are customized, dynamic, and fluid, and we will adjust our approach as often as necessary to find the right fit for each customer. LIFE also reflects our belief that businesses and communities thrive most when each individual is free to express their own unique talents and abilities.

LIFE embodies the energy and passion that Aurora and every one of our employees bring to what we do every day. We foster an environment of learning and empowerment for our employees so that they can express their passion in the work they do and provide excellent services to our customers.

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